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Castle Dracula




The most impressive aspect of Castle Dracula was its appearance from the outside.  Its facade was unique and very immense.  The structure featured a blood filled moat, a drawbridge leading up to the main door, turrets, red glowing windows, two knights guarding the entrance, two griffins supporting flaming oil lamps at the entrance, a cast iron skeleton dangling from one of the turrets wearing nothing but his boots, and a mechanical Dracula who would appear and give a chilling speech (for a couple seasons until it broke and was never fixed).  Also, the beginning of Bach's Toccata and Fugue could be heard outside the castle day and night.  

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[castle dracula home movie]

Mike Vlkovic sent us a Super 8 home movie of the Castle Dracula exterior!  He took this great footage during the early 80s and it features footage of the Castle Dracula Billboard and various angles of the castle and dungeon boat ride.  The castle was still in good shape when this footage was taken.  You will need Windows Media Player to view the file.








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