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Brigantine Castle Online


Part of what made Brigantine Castle so unique was the quality of sound effects that could be heard throughout the castle.  High production values were used when creating these eerie sound tracks.  Eric Princz provided us a copy of several of the Brigantine Castle sounds direct from the original carts that were used in the castle.  We've included some of the most memorable ones on our site.  If you have any other sounds that you would like us to include on the site, please email us at brigantinecastle@aol.com



Hall of Ancestors This track describes the pictures in the Brigantine Hall of Ancestors.  This is one of the first rooms in the castle.
Baronial Halls This is the classic track that could be heard as you enter the Baronial Halls of Brigantine Castle, home of the "most notorious dealers in death the world has ever known."
Bubbles/Howling Eerie bubbles and howling sounds.
Evil Laughing Evil male laughing sounds.
Oracle of Brigantine Track 1 Many people remember the mind readings from the Oracle of Brigantine.  This is one of 5 Oracle tracks that were used in the castle.  This track states that "you are possessed with many fears."
Oracle of Brigantine Track 2 This Oracle track speaks of "a sad loss in your life." 
Oracle of Brigantine Track 3 This Oracle track speaks of "a serious love affair." 
Oracle of Brigantine Track 4 This Oracle track speaks of you seeming "to pass through life always seeking something that appears just beyond your goal." 
Oracle of Brigantine Track 5 This Oracle track speaks of "a person in your life that has a very profound effect upon you." 
Sinister Laughing Different men laughing with jack-in-the-box sounds.
Sound of Terror This track starts off by describing the forest of sharks, and then ends with a description of a guillotine execution.
Woman Burning This appears to be the sound of a woman tied up over a fire.  It sounds more sexual than scary.
Woman Screaming A woman screams.  The scream turns into echoes at the end.
Help A woman pleads for you to help her.





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