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12/5/17 I remember visiting the castle. I had to have been only 7 or 8 years old so it was in either 1976 or 1977. To me the outside looked so scary and I did not want to go inside but because I promised my brothers I would my parents made me go. I was terrified. I don't do well with horror stuff. I remember people jumping out at us, gory displays. My father had to carry me back down once we reached the top and have a staff member with a flashlight to make sure no one jumped out at us on the way down. It was a job well done with the castle. It did what it was intended to do.
11/12/17 We will never forget our experience there. About 1982 my mom, sisters and cousins drove over there from the beach. The castle was huge and creepy-looking. I can still picture the advertisement “It’s alive and quite deadly” with the big scary guy holding a club. I was ten years old at the time. I remember the count stepping out of the picture frame over the mantle. The “rats” at our feet. Screams and someone coming up behind us and touching our shoulders. The big scary guy talking to us high up on the balcony in the bright sun then shutting us in a dark dark room. It was awesome! There’s been nothing since in comparison.

Jay O'Neill

When I was growing up in Wilmington and Newark, DE; I would often see the commercials for Brigantine Castle and thought that it looked like the greatest haunted house attraction ever. My parents always declined to take me there; "too far away" was always the reason, but I was always determined to travel to the Castle once I got my driver's license. Unfortunately, when it closed in 1984 I was only 11 years old. I didn't even know that the Castle had burned down in 1987, until now. It's unfortunate because now that I'm back in the area (after a long absence), I had looked online for it because I wanted to take my daughter there. I was hoping we could both experience it for the first time, and I know that she would have loved it.

I have a question for anyone who was familiar with the castle and the actors/actresses. Who was "The Mechanical Man" and what was his storyline? When I watched the commercials, they always ended with a clip of him in action, and he always fascinated me. If anyone can provided some information on this page, I'd appreciate it. Even better, if "The Mechanical Man" is still around, please know that you have a long-time fan who wants to know more about you.


Rob Curtis

Stone like stucco was done by Garden State Brickface. Still in business. Ran into the crew that did it when they did a local hospital building in my home town. 

Lisa Resnick

Brigantine island and the castle. The best childhood memories ever. I hung out every night at the castle in the late 70's and all 80's till that sad day it closed. I am still friends with people I grew up there with and I learned how to surf and swim at the beach.


I was about 10 -11 yrs of age when I first saw one of the commercials for Brigantine Castle on WLYH channel 17 Philadelphia.  Even though I never went to this haunted attraction, it gave me the creeps. What got me was the one particular commercial where a young girl walks through the castle and as she wanders over near the portrait of Dracula, Dracula who was portrayed by Skip Piatkowski, lunges out of the picture frame and scares this girl to death.  And she just runs like hell to get out of the castle. After seeing that commercial, I hurried up and changed the channel and I told myself, "I'm never going there!"  But as I grew older and look back at it, Brigantine Castle was, and is still, a legendary haunted attraction and I will give credit to Skip Piatkowski for portraying Dracula and to all the other actors that worked in the castle. Very well done job.  I wish though that I could find that one rare commercial of the girl wandering through the castle. That would bring back a lot of memories. Thank you.






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