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Things I miss about working at Brigantine Castle

- anticipation when pulling into the parking lot

- finding out who I may be working with that day

- make up. Well, not so much.

- finding out my character of the day

- getting in to my character of the day

- my co-workers, my pals, my buds

- combination smell of the pier, food and beach

- the work/fun!

- break time

- runners bringing pizza

- the pizza

- double shifts

- smoking (ahem) under the pier

- being on top of the castle and feeling it gently sway when the breakers hit the pier

- having sex on top of the castle and feeling it gently sway when the breakers hit the pier

- going to the Beach Bar after work

- making short term friends

- making life, long friends

- growing up

- finding myself

- the memories I have today


Things I disliked about working at Brigantine Castle

- first cage (was only there once)

Maria DeAngelis-Bowman


I do have a story about Brigantine Castle. When I was very young - thinking maybe 6 years old (in the 1970's) we went there on vacation. I was always a squeamish child and afraid of everything and still am to this day. Why my parents would choose to take me there is beyond me. 

My mom carried my (than infant) brother while my dad held my hand. I remember going in a room where the photos came to life and I screamed uncontrollably. I remember the actors touching and grabbing me and the feeling of being tossed around due to the sudden movement and jerks of the frightened adults around me. I feel as though I was the youngest person in our "tour". I was so scared that it got to the point that at the top of the steps where a figure laid in a coffin that the actor came out of "character" and told my father that she could take me out. I remember her consoling me at the top of the stairs and having me touch her makeup and her telling me it was all fake before she gave me a hug. She then proceeded to escort me and my father down an obvious (and hidden) employee only staircase to the outside deck overlooking the beach before she went back inside. Her kindness stuck with me to this day and how she probably was risking her job by taking the actions she did. Even outside it took some time for me to calm down and only did I finally feel relaxed when my dad took me onto the beach and I found a sand dollar.

Thanks for letting me share my story!

Deborah Papola


I remember working on the castle and painting the tree inside to make it look scary. After the castle was completed I worked on the pier. That was 41-44 years ago . It was a summer job and I have vivid memories of the pier. 

My great uncle Emil Fedullo ran the Sea Horse Pier in the 1940's to early 1950's. As a toddler I remember walking up the pier. His brother (my grandfather) Harry Fedullo owned and operated the 44th street pier.  I have the piers in my DNA and wish there was still a pier to walk on, out over the ocean. They were exciting!



Were like so many others... until one afternoon when I'd gone swimming, something happened, beneath the pier that changed everything. I still love the music... but the memory became so hard to deal with that I finally wrote it all out. Here's the link. http://starrweaver.deviantart.com/art/Brigantine-Summer-Challenge-206383788

To this day, I don't know who those three young girls were. I hope they didn't go into the water without supervision after that. I hope they learned from the experience too. At 17, I was too young to test death and those cold waters, but those girls were far younger and I'm glad I was there to bring them back to shore.






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