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11/22/15 Some of my earliest childhood memories (i.e.nightmares) involved the Castle. I would have been five or six years-old, and my father took me there several times. Ever since, I have been haunted by faint memories of walking over a woman under glass... a werewolf clawing at me... a dark hallway full of rats... and vampire pipe-organ music. It was only after seeing your website that I realized it all really happened.
8/2/15 It was about 40 years ago. My father, sister and I were at Brigantine Castle. I wanted to go through the haunted house so badly but, my older sister wanted nothing to do with it. My dad finally talked her into taking me through. I remember slowly going up the stairs and getting utterly TERRIFIED by the witch coming down them!! LOL I FREAKED!! LOL The sweet "Witch" stopped, took of her wig, and tried to console me. A nice gentleman took pity on my sister and I and said he would walk us through with his daughter. They convinced me to continue. I vaguely remember the rest of the haunted house except, I think I remember a rat tail room to which I again FREAKED out!! By the end of the tour my sister came out laughing hysterically at me and I came out being carried by a very amused stranger!! I have NEVER forgotten it and have always wanted to go back. It is a shame that it is out of business!! :(
6/17/15 Thank you so much for your site! My father took my little brother and me to the Castle on Opening Weekend 1976, and we visited many more times that year. We lived in Longport, so my father (a HUGE amusement-ride and haunted house fan) took us to either Ocean City or Atlantic City pretty much every night in the summer. We went through all of the little haunted attractions at both boardwalks so often, we weren't even remotely scared anymore. We were on a first-name basis with some of the actors at those places.

So my dad was thrilled when Brigantine opened up! The one thing I specifically recall about the castle were the people grabbing at my ankles. I was only 8 years old at the time, so my memory isn't great. But I do recall a set of stairs that took us briefly around the outside of the Castle, overlooking the ocean, which was cool.

Sadly, my parents divorced the next year, and my mother took us out-of-state. My father died of cancer when I was a teenager, and any pictures he may have taken of us at the boardwalks and piers were lost. That's why the pictures and stories on your site are so incredibly precious...they are the only evidence that I was there, and walked on that pier, all those years ago. Thank you again.

3/4/15 Hi...just wanted to say that I really enjoy the website.  My family moved to the Long Beach Island area in 1982.  I remember being at the castle when I was young.

I've been intrigued by the memory of the castle lately.  I took a ride to the site today...it seems so empty there now.  It was cool to stand there and try to picture the castle...especially on a cold rainy day like today.  There's a cool kind of eeriness to it...to imagine that that pier once was there and now there's nothing left...like it wasn't even there.  Thanks for the website.






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