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Theresa L.

It must have been the first year Brigantine Castle had opened-- now that I know 1976 was its first season, it seems about right that I remember I must have been 3-1/2 years old when my parents took me there. A toddler - jeez...who takes a toddler to a place like that!! Lol

Anyway, my brief visit at Brigantine Castle went like this-- it's indelibly and vividly etched into my mind...

I remember being in a dimly lit room - a grand type of room - I seem to remember the faintest flickering orangey light.... I think my mom was holding me-- or I possibly had been climbing up her leg and so by default, she was holding me to calm me down.

Anyway, I remember that while in this room, suddenly and unexpectedly, a man appeared from the wall - with a long black cape, white shirt, a red satin sash, white face make-up, dark hair that was somewhat slicked back, and a short dark-ish beard and mustache.

I remember shrieking - and shrieking inconsolably -- to the point where 'Dracula' came over and said to me, "see....it's just make-up on my face ...it's ok"....much to the delight of the other paying guests, I'm sure -lol...anyway, my parents must have made a quick exit to get me out of there, realizing too late what a bad idea that was.

Really- who takes a 3 year old to a haunted attraction?! Lol

6/28/13 I visited Brigantine Castle with my family when I was around 8 or 9 which would have been 1976 - 1977. Let me start by saying that I was terrified walking through that castle with my brother and dad! I have two major memories about the Castle. One was not being able to cross what must have been the body in the swamp (after reading Paul Spatola's Walk through story). There was a decomposing body in the "floor" and I was terrified to walk over it, although it was under glass. I don't know how long I stood there with my dad while he tried to convince me that nothing would happen and that there was glass to walk across. The other memory was that rat hallway. It was completely dark and noisy and I could feel them touching my ankles and legs! I was horrified!

Good times!

Funny thing is that my favorite author is Stephen King and now, nothing scares me! Thanks for the memories Brigantine Castle!!






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