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Love the website!  Glad to see someone is keeping the memory undead!  At the moment, you have the only photo of me on the entire internet.  I think I have a couple more - I have one fuzzy Portrait shot, anyway..


what a pleasure it was to find out about this web site. my family went to brigantine every year from the early 70's thru the mid 80's. also anywhere from 50-70 other people from my home town (the amount varied from year to year) went during the same week and stayed at the same hotel (the golden dolphin). i was 15 when the castle opened but i remember the pier before that. my closest friends and i would go to the castle and wait at the entrance for a group of girls to go in and then we would follow. needless to say when it became too scary for them they hid behind us. it was a lot of fun to make new friends this way. i can't even begin to fathom how many times a week we went thru the castle. it was very sad when the castle closed. unfortunately with the influx of the casino's in A.C. everything went from brigantine..the trampolines, the miniature golf, everything. i've gone back thru brigantine several times over the last 10 years and get depressed knowing what it was like to walk the streets without any fears and being able to do just about anything you could want to do on that little island and now seeing it gone. the only thing left that i can really remember is the brigantine hotel.  can't wait to share this site with the others who frequented that little slice of heaven. i will also be going through my photo album as well as asking around for any photo's that may enhance this web site. thanks again for bringing back a great childhood memory


I was born in 1962 and grew up in Cherry Hill.  All through my early years I used to see the commercials for the castle every summer and swore I would go.  But I never made it.  I moved out of the area in late 1978 but every once in awhile I would think of “the castle”. 

I am planning a trip to AC in October so I thought I would finally get a chance to check it out.  I looked it up on web and now I find out that, not only is it closed, it burnt down nearly 15 years ago!!!


Oh well…

Donna Maxwell


I loved the Brigantine Castle,  took my friends kids there, and have great memories of being chased around by ghouls shouting"enema!! enema!!"  and carrying an enema bag.  HOW SCARY!  But what a great place.  Wish they would rebuild this fine establishment!
Thanks for a wonderful site.
Kathy Lubbers


I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your Brigantine Castle website.  I was six years old when the castle first opened, and every year until its closing it was the highlight of my summer vacation.  It still breaks my heart to visit Brigantine every year and see where the castle used to be.  Thanks so much for bringing back some great memories!  It's nice to know that other people remember it as fondly as I do.  Keep up the good work!
Franco Sicilia Jr.


loved your site.  i worked at the castle when i was 12-14.  with forged working papers. :)  best time of my life....
loved your site.  brought back memories...






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