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Joan Marie, Bayonee, NJ

Ok I'm sitting outside Casola Farms, Holmdel, NJ making my 4 young adults 18, 20, 21, 25 go into the 4 part haunted house attraction.  I told them this will be a experience you will never forget as I did when I went to the haunted house in long branch. Never did I forget.


My mother wore a button down blouse and when we exited she had no buttons, her blouse open wide with all to see her Maidenform bra.  My name is Joan Marie and my aunt who was with us was Joan. No one knew that her mail order pocketbook had her name Joan written on it.  All though the house of terror, they kept calling out Joan, Joan Joan and of course I thought they were haunting me.  The scariest part for me was the tunnel of rats you had to climb over. The noises they made and the bursts of air that made you think they were crawling on you. I still have a severe phobia of mice and rats. Lol


That's for this memory. I have 30 more minutes to wait for my kids to have theirs. Lol


Yolanda Baptiste

My Name is Yolanda Baptiste & I want to thank you for this site. I was just explaining that the Haunted Mansion was the best haunted house there ever was. When I told them that I literally cried after the fire they looked at me like I was crazy (hey I'm a Halloween birthday baby, what do you expect, I love everything haunted) This site helped me to illustrate how innovative it was by using live actors at the time. 

My favorite memory was the first time I ever went. I beggggggged my family to go & every time that Commercial aired, I proceeded to beg more. Finally we took that long trip from Harlem NYC (for us it seemed to take forever) We got there and I was so excited. We waited on the long line, I was anxious. Finally our turn, I get inside & it was dark. I feel things running over my feet & something like snakes crawling on my legs(I had on short shorts). Somebody jumped out. I screamed & banged on the front door to get out. I WANT OUTTTTT. I was crying, & my family was mad. The staff literarily had to let me out the FRONT entrance where I just came from. I didn't even last 30 seconds in the house. Needless to say my family was pissed & I was in love with the Mansion ever since. My favorite place to go!


Bill, N. Jersey

I just wanted to share with you my little souvenir I still have from the Haunted Mansion in Long Branch. It was the year that they took out the actors and made it all safe for kids. I was so disappointed because the year before it was so great to go through, scary and fun.  So I take my new girlfriend to a "kiddie park" (which it wasn't previously) and I was just so mad after the long drive. Well, since we were there already, and I had bought tickets to go through twice, we went through again and I decided that I would be bringing a little memento home with me, which turned out to be a skeleton arm. I still have it and since the place burned down some time after I had been there, maybe it's one of the few things left from the place? It's still got the glow paint on it! Here's a couple pictures.






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