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Deborah Farris

I think I was in middle school when my family went to the Haunted Mansion. My sister and cousin, both in high school went as well. We were the only three that went inside. My parents stayed outside. I remember it was a task to just get us through the front door because we were already scared shitless....lol. Finally, we lunge past the person and make it inside. We were with a group of people. I remember an "artist" asking me if I would like to be in his picture...i just had to stand beneath his ice pick! I was like, no..no..no thank you! ROFLMAO! We were terrified pretty much the entire thing. By the end, everyone was running (stampede like) to the exit. I remember the floor sloped down and my sister, in front of me, stumbled and fell. Some other scared person fell on top of her. I pounced on that person so fast, screaming, GET OFF MY SISTER!!! And I grabbed him/her and tossed them off her. It's hysterical because my sister says (I don't recall this in my frightened, adrenaline filled state) that the person literally flew off her. I guess I didn't know my own strength! But i grabbed my sister by the arm, pulled her up, and we kept running for, what seemed like, our lives.

To this day, I maintain that there was nothing scarier (at the time) and it was FANTASTIC! I figured it wasn't going to still be there. I just saw on Facebook that an Insane Asylum themed haunted house was opening in Long Beach and that is what got me wondering about the Haunted Mansion.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane!


Rosemary Wagner

I visited the Haunted Mansion in 1979 when I was eleven and have fond memories.  I remember the scary vampire lady jumping out as soon as we entered. I was screaming and crying and hiding behind my father for dear life. Of course seeing my fear made her more aggressive toward me. 

Unfortunately my mom, who had epilepsy, had a seizure and the actor came out of character and asked if she was ok and she was escorted outside. Nonetheless it was a fun day that I never forgot.  I'm sad it's gone.  I'd still go today if it were still here.






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