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From 1981-1983, my brother and I would visit the Mansion & Pier until he passed away in 1984.  It was so much fun going into the Mansion, the scenery, the actors and of course the scares.  The water slide was the best and we would ride it pretty much all day or hang in the salt water pool.  I remember when the video game Dragon's Lair first came out the quarters we threw in that machine.  The bumper boats where a blast and so was the entire pier, never wanted to leave I am so thankful to be able to have these memories.


Florence (Nolan) Sanders Tampa, Fl

I found your page from a friend's Facebook post. I grew up on that pier.... I lived a few blocks away and spent many, many summers there. I loved the clip of the music the best! I remember being so scared of the Haunted Mansion and as I got older I finally got the nerve to go through! What an accomplishment! ;) I went to school with half of the employees and never knew that until now. What memories this page has brought back. Thank you for keeping a part of my childhood alive!!

Pandra S.

I guess I was about fourteen, my middle sister was twelve, and my youngest sister was eight when we went to the Haunted Mansion. There was that scary lady out front and I did NOT want to go in but my sisters did so my father bought us tickets. As soon as we got in the door, a vampire swooped at us and my youngest sister went screaming out the door. My middle sister was going to follow her, but I grabbed her and wouldn't let her go. I said our father was going to be furious if we all ran out after he bought the tickets and I dragged her all the way through. We were both screaming our heads OFF! All the way through! It was so much fun I remember to this day the axes and the blood and the people in cages snarling and reaching out for us. So sorry the place is no more but thanks for the memories.

Luis Ramos

God bless you guys for this website. My name is Luis Ramos. I'm a 40 year old mechanic from Camden,N.J. and used to come to this boardwalk a lot in the late 70's and early 80's when the scariest haunted mansion in the world was in operation. I was too young to go in back then but that never stopped my dad from scaring the sh*t out of me and my brother and taking us to the front of the mansion with the scary lady that used to stand in front of the door and have her give us looks or try to grab us. As I got older I always wanted to go back and finally go in but unfortunately it got burnt down and never got the pleasure. Been heartbroken ever since.  That theme music from the mansion still haunts me to this day and I have kids of my own and can't scare them the way my dad used to do to me and my brother.

Found your site and loved the stroll down memory lane and also all the other haunted rides that I never got to see like the Brigantine Castle. I did check out the Dracula's Castle in Wildwood as a teenager and it was cool but never got to do the classics. Shout out to my brother Jose.  Like me I'm sure he'll never forget getting out of the ghetto for a little while and getting the life scared out of us when we would go visit our uncle who to this day still lives in front of the municipal building. Love the site and memories, thanks again!






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