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Ricky Dick

What a thrill it is to find this site. growing up over in Eatontown, (1959-1987) the LB boardwalk was my life...and once the mansion opened I went often.

Always a huge monster and makeup fan, I eventually made friends with Mansion Actor Doug Clayton.  Long story short, I ended up as his partner in the costume shop in Red Bank from 83-86.  We had many many mansion folks in and out of there, especially Elaine VanDevelde. Sure would like to find her again.

Anyway, I now run a haunted House myself.  Castle Blood just finished its 16th season out here south of Pittsburgh and I build haunts around the world.  All you need do is look at the makeup of my actors all these many years later, to see where my styles come from.  You'll see them on our TV show as well. Midnight Monster Hop

Right here in my office at Castle Blood, there is a Haunted Mansion pennant, as well as a coloring book.  No matter where I am, and no matter where I haunt, I am a Jersey shore haunt kid

Ricky Dick aka Gravely MacCabre




I came across your site after Googling "Haunted Mansion" . This past Halloween I was doing Day of the Dead / skull makeup for guests and serving staff at a big fancy affair at the local Hyatt Regency, and when folks asked me how I learned to do makeup, my mind started skipping down memory lane, thinking of my youth at the Long Branch Pier.

I'm an alumni from 1979-1980, hired by Liz. I remember making $3.10 an hour, sometimes working double shifts! I was terrified to open in the mornings and to walk through the deserted tableaus... shudder! Being 5'3", I was the perfect size for the "Headless" chair, that's often where I would end up. Not a bad place to catch a nap, actually, although the coffin was better! One night there was a terrible storm, and we could feel the whole pier shaking. My "doctor" (I think it was Lauren Parnes) said she was going to go to the dressing room and see if the rumours that we were closing early were true... she promised she'd be right back, but it seemed like HOURS. By the time she did return with Dave Bass (the Headless Woman could not unlock the contraption herself to be released) the whole building seemed to be rocking from the force of the storm, and the whole time I was alone I'd had macabre fantasies about drowning while still locked in the chair!

I was a "healthy girl" and often I would hear patrons say, "Hey! Her legs weren't that big LAST time we came through!" I would flip the bird in self-defense, only to hear a patron shout, "How can she hear me if she ain't got no EARS?" And of course a quick "doctor" would say, "She hears what you say through vibrations transferred through the blood tubes" or "through the tips of her sensitive fingers". and of course then we'd get lots of comments about my inability to perform certain "womanly duties".

One night I told Liz my parents would be coming through, and she let me run around as an "extra" so I could follow them. It was a busy night and I had to really look for them but once I caught sight, I let some cast members know my mom's name, and they passed it around.

Donna White, a diminutive woman, took it upon herself to follow close on my mother's heels hissing her name. "EMMMily! EMMMMMily!" My mother became more and more terrified and I had reports that she almost lashed out at a couple of actors. This was verified by the time she got to the back door, when someone told me "You'd better get over there, I'm afraid your mom's gonna slug Dave!"

I got there to find her terrified and crying, with Mr. Bass keeping his distance and my dad trying to calm her down. I walked up to her and said, "MOM! It's me, Glinda!" and she promptly popped me one right on the jaw! I still see stars when I think of it. And I don't think she's ever really forgiven me.

Viewing the photos on the website was an amazing experience - people that were so great to me as a shy kid working there. Elaine Van de Velde and Kat.! Seeing their faces was just great. And did anyone know that former employee Matt Kasten is now an Emmy-winning hair & makeup artist for Mad-TV???

Anyway thanks for the wonderful memories. I can still smell the makeup, salt spray and pizza grease!!!


James Pollin          Long Island, NY

A few months ago I decided to return to Long Branch for the first time in at least 25 years to see if it would stir up any childhood memories. My grandparents owned a house a few blocks from the boardwalk on Pavilion Avenue so most of my early childhood summers were spent in Long Branch. I have fond memories of the boardwalk, the arcades, Big Al's lemonade, the waterslide and of course the Haunted Mansion. We were sure to visit the Haunted Mansion at least once each summer and I can distinctly remember the ghoul in front waving us in, the creepy music (thanks for having it on your website), the headless woman, Lizzy Borden's room, the huge swinging pendulum ax and the tunnel of rattails. My grandparents sold their house in 1979 and we only returned a few times in the early 80's. I do remember when the live actors no longer terrified us and I vaguely remember hearing about the fire that destroyed it all. Although my visit didn't bring back the memories that I was hoping for, I did find your site and the great photos of the boardwalk and The Haunted Mansion. Thank you for keeping memories of a great place during a great time alive. I have attached a picture of a family "heirloom" that hung in our family's bathroom for many year's.



The mansion was the best.  My family and I are from Long Island and I remember my parents, my brother and I going to the Haunted Mansion.  The best thing I think was that they used live people to scare their guests instead of cheap mannequins. It made it more interactive.

After the fire I had hoped they would have built it up again.

I also remember water rides right outside of the mansion.


Michael Principato

I worked at Mansion for three seasons, I believe it was 79, 80 and 81. My name is Michael Principato but some knew me as Prince. That was the best job I ever had!!! I remember people like Lil, Backdoor Dave, Donna, Jimmy Hrynowski, Kelly Anne Dick, Jackie, Deborah Mathews and her sister or sister in-law. The hours were long but a lot of fun. I remember a lot of the people being fun to work with and sincere about helping you with any problem you had. 

I have since moved to Ohio...ok that sucks but I have been trying to recreate what was done in Long Branch. They do not know how to do a Haunted House out here. If anyone wants to try let me know. Since the haunted Mansion days I have traveled with my magic show around the country and the Caribbean and am know still performing and teaching High School. I would like to know what Dave Bass is doing at the Middle School. I would like to hear from all that worked at the Haunted Mansion back then.  Here is my email: mprincipato@cinci.rr.com  BOY those were some partying days!!! 



I come on this site about every 3-4 months to see if you guys post any new pics, stories etc. It always puts a smile on my face. The Long Branch Haunted Mansion was the one of the big 3 that is the one that is most near and dear to me. Going there as a child was always great. I can remember seeing the Mansion from what seemed like miles away. I know it wasn't that big in actuality but to me as a child, it was the biggest building in the world. I miss the boardwalk so much! I want so badly to bring my son there and show him my past. I get angry whenever I pass that stupid mall that is there now. The Mansion/Boardwalk should be back.






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