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Castle Dracula



[fireplace in entrance hall]

Who could forget the painting of Dracula?  Was it just us or was this painting just not scary?  Anyhow, after some sound effects and flickering lights, someone dressed as Dracula or one of Dracula's helpers would jump out of the frame.  He would give you a speech, then send you on your way into the Prison Corridor.  After some comparison of pictures of Brigantine Castle, we discovered that the main picture frame in Brigantine's Castle was the same as this one.  It appears that they shared molds.
A picture of Bob Compagnia playing the part of Dracula in the front room during the castle's first season.  Bob was the original Dracula at the castle.  This 1978 photo was provided by former castle worker Donal O'Hanlon.

[barry working front room]

A picture of  Barry working the front room in 1984.  Notice the old busts on the mantel that were later replaced with the gargoyles.  A special thank you to Anita Wheeler for providing this photo.

[dracula on mantel]

Vince playing Dracula in the main room in 1984.  A special thank you to Anita Wheeler for providing this photo.






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