Night of Terror

448 Lincoln Mill Road

Mullica Hill, NJ 08062


In 2013, I was lucky and my schedule allowed me to go to many haunts, so I grabbed my buddy Psydde and dragged him to New Jersey so we could check out Night of Terror at Creamy Acres Farm. I have heard some good things but I wanted to check it out for myself.  We arrived at a good time but there were still pretty long lines mainly because it was a Saturday night in the middle of October. We parked the car and headed to the ticket line to get our tickets and get in the hay-ride line.  The organization was great and the prices were pretty reasonable.

We waited in line for about 30 minutes before we got into the hay-ride, all the while talking to a nice family about music and horror movies. The hay-ride was a traditional hay wagon pulled by a tractor and we sat ourselves towards the back. The hay-ride began and we made our way through a field past a horse breathing fire which was fun.  We went into a toxic waste barn where there were bodies in 55 gallon drums of toxic waste and a bunch of foam was dumped on the hay wagon from a foam machine, which I have never scene before.  There were also many different giant animatronic monsters throughout the hayride.  I remember a giant alien prop bombing an outhouse.  There was also a giant animatronic holding body parts and rising up about 2 stories. There was also another monster two stories high placed in front of a two story mausoleum. Some other notable scenes were a junkyard with cars that had various things on, like lights and exhaust. There was a headless horseman in all his full glory on a horse that was a mechanical animatronic. There were also characters with guns that fired at the wagon. 

The hayride ended in the middle of a field and you were ushered into the next attraction which turned out to be a haunted house type structure with some cheap plastic seats in the front which I didn't understand.  The haunted house was fairly short with some traditional drop down scares and a few basic actors jumping out  here and there.  We were then shuffled into a hay maze where you had to wander around and find your way out, but it's not easy.  We then went into a giant iceberg called the Klondike. I didn't understand this section because the only thing in the ride was a scene with a guy in cold weather gear in an icy scene. We went through a dark maze of chain link fence and various inflatable blatter structures and into the exit door of this section. 

The next couple of zones were separate and we needed to wait in line for both. The first one we went into was the Slaughter Cave which had various scenes of butchers and body parts. This scene had a maze of 55 gallon barrel drums that you get chased through by a chainsaw wielding maniac. When we got finished in Slaughter Cave we were pretty exhausted because this haunt has long sections and we did a ton of walking. We then entered the 3-D fun house.  Outside they had carnival decorations and an alien in a tree, which I could not understand. We got our 3D glasses and went into this madhouse cranking out carnival music. This area was neat because of all the weird clown situations.  Most haunts have clowns, but this was the most creative use I have seen. I really liked the chain-saw carrying clowns and the dead clowns face down in water or hanging from a carousel meat hook contraption. We then walked through a couple feet of foam on the ground in one room which reminded me of a washing machine overflowing. The last event was a vortex tunnel which has a great effect in 3D and by leaning back I almost got sick. We then proceeded to leave the 3D clowns behind and head to our car. I felt like I got my money's worth because it seemed like the Night of Terror took several hours to complete and we were totally entertained and exhausted.









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