Dorney Park Haunt

4000 Dorney Park Road

Allentown, PA



Second year in a row for Dorney Park's Haunt, and for a long time they were the one in the area I hadn't been to. They do a decent job, which is far better then Six Flags NJ and just under Universal in Florida only due to the lack of major rides and size, but their haunts for the most part are comparable to Universal's with a more personal feel.

Tourist Trap

This walk through is loosely based on Herman Mudgett, better known as Dr. Henry Howard Holmes or more commonly known as H. H. Holmes's hotel where he murdered an unknown number of people in the late 1800's. Even though H.H. Holmes was a cowardly killer, he was very creative with making money on killing people in a variety of different ways. I give Dorney credit for being creative in trying a dark but interesting theme for their Haunted Attraction. I missed this ride last year because we ran out of time but made it this year. They did a decent job with the decor and decorated everything from the Chicago 1800's time frame and had their actors dressed like H.H. Holmes and his female maidens. The scare factor was low, but they kept you moving through the hotel in creative ways. They had a huge stuffed bear that looked like it was going to do something but didn't. They did have a hanging scene, and H.H. Holmes was actually hanged in Philadelphia PA at the terrifying Moyomensing Jail, which was truly a fitting end for a horrible human.

Chamber of Horrors Wax Museum

I went in this ride last year, and did not think much of this attraction. I get the fact that they all can't be good but this one was a low-rate display of a wax museum with one deceptive scare at the end. They should have focused on the wax museums of old and added a new twist or some living, but terrifying scenes. I also didn't like the antiquated display of serial killers like Ted Bundy and Charles Manson. These people aren't even known by the younger generation, and the the dummies hardly depict the likeness of the actual people. I just feel that this decision was in bad taste, irrelevant to the younger generation, and just not scary, interesting or entertaining.

Blood on the Bayou

We went through this one last year and this year, and enjoyed it both times. They did a decent job getting the Louisiana style feel and ornamentation. There are fun voodoo scenes and alligator scenes and some decent scares throughout. This ride was not as long as I remembered it but it was fun two years in a row.

Trick or Treat

It's funny that Universal Orlando has an attraction named the same that is actually based on the movie Trick or Treat. Universal sets are better and based on the movie but Dorney Park does a decent job and has a more personal feel of Halloween style environments and witches around every corner. I liked this ride last year and it was probably my favorite. This year they turned off the lights and I still thought it was fun and a little more creepy. You make your way through a variety of scenes of witches indoors and outdoors in a typical style Halloween house and neighborhood. My favorite scene is the dining room table with the witch picture behind. I also love the outside of this attraction and applaud Dorney for not dissapointing me like Six Flags did.

Urgent Scare

I missed this ride last year but was glad I was able to catch it this year. This attraction takes you back to the 60s era Maryland trauma center for a sneak peak. They are playing strange 60s style music as you wait in line and are ushered into a hospital style trauma center. I enjoyed the people behind the Plexiglas and the patients behind the flexible screens. They had some enjoyable scenes and plenty of blood and carnage. I didn't think this was a scary attraction but was surely entertaining.

Black Out

I praised Reaper's Revenge for the best version of this, but unfortunately Dorney Park has the worst version of this. I would completely skip this if I was going to the park.  They send you into a vinyl maze in the dark and that is it. They could use this space in a more creative way.  Dorney... please try again.

Corn Stalkers

I went through this last year and that was enough.  Once again this has been done better by any farm that has a haunted attraction, mainly because it's a farm and they don't have to transport in stalks of corn.


I missed this attraction this year, due to the fact it was closed for rain, but I was in the graveyard version of this last year, and I will say I have never seen so many coffins and tomb stones in my life. You basically are walking through a graveyard and into a maze of coffins. There were some scares and it was neat but outside of the fact that they spent a small fortune on coffins, it wasn't very memorable or scary.

Age of Darkness and Carnevil

These are more of outdoor scare zone style walk throughs that are fun but very short. The age of Darkness was more entertaining and the actors are really trying to scare you. You also have some pretty neat medieval scenes and decor.











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