Valley of Fear

301 W Bristol Road

Feasterville-Trevose, PA



I really don't like the Valley of Fear website and was not planning on going to this hayride at all.  They only have a couple of attractions since their Haunted House burned down a couple years ago and the website makes this hayride look terrible compared to their competition which is only  minutes away.  In fact, I went to Horrorfest earlier in the night with my buddy Rob from work but because their last wagon was at 9 pm and we missed it we decided to head over to Valley of Fear and give it a chance.  This was mainly because they were open until 10 and only 15 minutes away.  

When we got there the ticket ladies told us to hurry to catch the last wagon at 10.  Me and rob hiked up this hill and we were both reminded of our days in the scouts because the entire haunted hayride looks like it is run by a scout troop.  Next to the wagon was a full campfire with a lady in a blanket and some other random people standing around.  They have a terrible graveyard scene with orange construction snow fence as a barrier.  What a horrible choice for a fence, especially after seeing the graveyard scene at the Sleepy Hollow Haunted House.  

We made our way to the wagon which had no walls so we sat on the edge like all the other people and poor Rob was facing the rear of the wagon.  We waited for a half hour until the 8 people from paintball could join the last wagon.  During this time a guy who looked like a scoutmaster told us to sing a song "we all knew," but nobody did.  While this is going on the rules are being repeated on a loop which was a little irritating.  The only thing more irritating then that was the two young female wagon guides that were barking out orders in a northeast Philly nasally voice with its upmost insincere tone and inflection.  They reminded me of some terrible teenage sleep-over hosts that try to torment the weakest girl at the sleepover.

The first scene was a castle scene which was a pretty large and imposing facade with dramatic music and a large talking skull, which was neat but more on the cartoon side then anything creepy or scary.

We then enter the hayride and come upon a campsite where a girl is running around screaming "save me."  The one female wagon chaperone says, "let's not save her she is too slow."  We are then near some other buildings with other girls running around asking for help.  We do rescue one of them, and as she boards the wagon the female chaperone asks for her name but even as she is asking for it she has already lost interest in the answer.  The next scene is the typical chainsaw wielding manic that takes the girl we rescued, hooks her up on some kind of harness rig and hangs her in the barn and pretends to cut her up with the chainsaw.   This was a neat scene, although I probably would have hid the lack of results of not cutting her up with the lights cutting out or something. 

We then proceed to an area that is some kind of drive in movie theater scene that was really lacking in any real direction.  The next scene was a church with zombies in the graveyard.  This scene was pretty good with a tall church and ambitious actors and actresses running after the wagon.  The performers do give it their all and run after the wagon time and time again.  The next thing we come upon is a side show area that has circus freak show performers and fire spinners.  This scene is pretty original for a hayride and we enjoyed it.  The highlights were the contortionist and fire acts.  The final scene was the maniac clown side show with techno metal music playing and clowns running around tormenting you.  

This hayride is decent and much better then I thought It was going to be and well worth the 19 dollars.  They also had the paintball games and zombie maze type attraction but at this point in the night we didn't have time for these and were completely happy with the hayride.











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