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Castle Dracula




[castle dracula billboard from early 80s]

This picture of the Castle Dracula billboard from the early 80's was provided by Keith Shepherd.  Keith is on the left with his sister in July of 1983.  Although this billboard was up longer than the others, we have seen very few pictures of it.

[castle billboard]

Here's another picture of the Castle Dracula billboard sent to us by Keith Shepherd.  This picture was taken by Keith's dad and features Keith's mom in front of the sign.  According to Keith, his dad knew that his sister and Keith were creeped out by the billboard so he took this picture knowing that it was prominently in the background.  He wanted them to have a scare when he showed them the photo after having it developed.

[billboard reproduction]

Here is a picture of Keith Shepherd from June of 2013 in front of his reproduction of the Castle Dracula billboard.  Although it is hard to see in this picture, the billboard features chasing lights around the perimeter of the sign, just like the original billboards had.  This reproduction is on display in the George F Boyer Wildwood Historical Society Museum located at 3907 Pacific Avenue in Wildwood. 






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